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Search Engine Optimization & Submission Services - Over 10 years of experience on the internet!

So you have a web site. Now what? You figure just 'cause you have a great looking site they will come? Well, that works great in the movies... but in today's fast paced internet environment its all about content, optimization, submission techniques, keywords, and about a million other tricks of the trade. Our  techs  look over your site - Every page! We analyze the programming aspect of what makes your site well, be your site. We have systems that look over whether your site is "search engine friendly" and if not... we fix it! We make sure that every part of your web site design has been optimized for search optimization. Then after all the  analyzation, "voodoo, and magic"... We then submit your site to all the major search engines for their revue. They spider your site because we told them to... and then your potential customers can find you!

Search Engines Mean Hits!
Even though your site may look good, that doesn't mean the search engines think so. Too much of this, not enough of that, broken here, missing the other. You get a report of what we did to optimize your pages... what we added, and what we took out, etc.  Search engines mean hits. Hits mean traffic. Traffic means more people see what product or service you are promoting... High search engine ranking is the most affective form of advertising and promotion that your company can do. 

Customers that search for a keyword & finds you are more likely to buy than if you contacted them. 
Compare the cost of keeping a well maintained and optimized web site versus the cost of print ads, mailers, radio, or a TV commercial campaign...or any other form of media marketing.  Moreover... you potentially open the entire world up as your market.
Showcase your company - your product & your service to the World!
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